This introductory workshop is for anyone who wants to learn why kettlebells are considered one of the most effective training tools and how to master the basic kettlebell lifts.

This workshop is also perfect for anyone who has tried kettlebells but has not had any formal coaching.

Kettlebells are SIMPLE. But they are not EASY. This is an opportunity to learn how to SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY lay the foundations for a lifetimes healthy lifting.

(This workshop a prerequisite to attending our forthcoming K1 and K2 kettlebell workshops)

We will cover the fundamentals of movement, focussing on mobility, breath work, foundational body weight training and the following kettlebell drills –

Swing– 2 arm and 1 arm
Turkish Get Up

Kettlebell Basics will provide the tools needed to effectively begin your Kettlebell practice, with a focus on safety and solid fundamentals that take the guess work out of Kettlebell training.

We will also cover –

Basic Workout Structure
Question and Answer

Introduction To Kettlebells Workshop is run by Leszek Stelmachowski, head coach at Edinburgh Kettlebell Club and Rannoch Donald. 100 Rep Challenge

WHEN:Sunday, 5th July 2015, 11pm – 1pm
WHERE: Fitness Soul Studio, 34 Tennant Street, EH6 4NA
PRICE: £35

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